The start of a movement

heart handsBinge eating in hiding and swearing profusely was how I integrated an Autism diagnosis into my life.   If it happens that Téa’s first word is “fuck” it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest and frankly, I’ll just be delighted she spoke.

Then, the absurd wait lists for assessments and services in Canada, specifically Quebec and Ontario enraged me to the point of action, and thankfully this action has been a much more useful tool for coping with all that living life in this brave new world involves.

And this, was the start of a movement.


1.  What started off as BRAIN SPARX has shifted slightly and has been renamed:

Inspired By Love.

It was an idea for a program that brings Autism & Neurological Disorders awareness to schools. It will be a program that creates local mini-movements among children who are the siblings of, classmates of, and generally speaking peers of children who live with exceptionalities of various types. Currently, I’m standing – figuratively – in the street, wearing a blindfold and holding a sign that reads “looking for warriors for a brave new word. Leave your and a number”.  Opportunities for grands, donations, funds are being considered to bring this program to private and public schools for the 2016/2017 school year.

2. An honour roll of people who stand for our children. Titled “Warrior Wall”, this is where you tell me about those people must have honorable mention in you life.  The moms, dads, siblings, therapists, advocates, friends, fundraisers, change-makers, all of whom are warriors in their own right.  The RedBootWarrior Warrior Wall will be the start of an annual awards gala to benefit various causes in the space of special needs – Autism, Neurological Disorders, really, exceptionalities of all kinds.

Whether you of yourself of a warrior or not, you can lend a hand. You can be part of ending the wait lists for services and devices that change our children’s lives.

Your support brings programs to schools. You can share yours insight, your time, or your voice, or your money.  We welcome them all.



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