There is little better than finding your tribe: your people who  are enough like us to get us, and sufficiently unlike us to offer perspective, humour, and often courage.

RedBootWarrior events come in three types and accomplish specific things:

1) Offer a venue for parents to find their tribe and reach others who they feel identified with and can stay connected to whenever and however they like.

2) Build Mental Muscle.  Limited-space workshops with the very people we need to connect with but for money, or time, or distance cannot. Workshops are booked and often subsidized by kick-ass brands and companies that support parents like us.

3) Launch totally disruptive seminars, conferences and what we call “Town Halls” to develop ourselves and the movement that will turn how Autism and Neurological disorders and funding are addressed in Canada.

To find out about upcoming events and discover how to participate, sign up here.  And you should know, we’re too busy to spam and while we do love to share useful information with our kick-ass fellow warriors, your info  (be it contact info, personal info, or questions you ask) is really only your business and we never share it.


January 16th – TOWN HALL. The kick-off event of 2014 will set the stage for the year ahead and match willing Warriors with opportunities to be part of the movement.  Send me a note using the form above and I’ll make sure you’re on the list of attendees.

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