If I were wiki’d, would I know I was me?

If I were wiki’d, would I know I was me?

I think I’d like to be Wiki’d or however one would phrase being  explored and explained by anyone who knows something on a subject.

Today I met a cool chick who thinks I am a cool chick (she’s been googling me and connecting the dots of my life) and all I could think was, “Chick, yes…cool, um, I’m not sure about one.”  This evening I was speaking to a fabulous woman named Cynthia whom I look to for insight, balance, and perspective and I told her that she is truly a mentor to me.  She thought I was delirious from lack of sleep, and completely dismissed the sentiment.

We all know that how others see us and how we view ourselves are not usually aligned, this is particularly true as women and mothers. So I wonder, who’s right?

Am I who you see, who I think you see, or who I see?

You tell me.