A Birth Announcement.

ilovekiddeals sign upAfter an unusually long pregnancy that took place in my head, of all places, and that experienced a few complications, we have finally welcomed our newest baby, ilovekiddeals.com, to the world!

She is a lovely, bright, smart robust young thing that I know you’ll love as much as I do, and I hope you go see her soon. Her sister, who’s Canadian will be born in a few months.

A few years ago I was launching a startup, Kidscentive. It took much – much – longer than expected, cost a lot more money, and eventually failed to truly launch in it’s original conceptualization. I’m a wordy and a partnery, and a marketery but I am no techy and that hurt how my idea got off the ground. I made the mistake of not reading the blog of other entrepreneurs who’d failed quickly and learned a lot and launched again to great success. Those blogs I read after. Had I read them before I would have known a) not to aspire to perfection before going live and b) putting this into the universe is good, but keeping them close to the vest until the roots of your idea have taken hold is better.

But another thing also occurred: the market changed with the advent of group buying sites and changed the way businesses marketed themselves and the way people made purchases.

The e-commerce landscape experienced what I think can reasonably be likened to a tectonic shift since we got started starting-up and we needed to pay attention to what was happening rather than continuing to dig deeper into what we were already doing.  Internally, things got really busy – there was a lot of chatter and discussion, and research.  To the outside world however, it appeared that all had grown quiet and we silently went away.  We didn’t have a proper strategy for publicly pausing and re-directing, mostly because even we didn’t realize that’s what we were doing.

But there was also something else that was going on. I was mortified. Here I had gone and talked about what I was working on because I believe in putting things out into the universe and sharing my life with others, only to not walk my talk. Yes, we made provisions for the businesses in our program, giving refunds to those businesses who wanted to leave and upgrading everyone who chose to stand with us.  That business didn’t exactly make it to market. Instead, we paused, and listened, and learned. Then we pivoted – but I wasn’t about to tell anyone that! I’d made the mistake of talking too early.

I felt embarrassed and ill-equipped to manage questions and expectations. I also struggled with my partner (and husband) as we didn’t always see eye to eye. And, because I’m all about going all out – I got pregnant with Tea.

Now, Téa – our third of three wondrous daughters is two years old and ilovekiddeals.com has come into the world to join our family.

For me, this business is like a part of the family because we live and breath it. It occupies a piece of my brain just as thoughts of the girls do all day until they are asleep in their beds. Work-talk will trickle into family time. How the day went with ilovekiddeals.com will affect how patient, attentive, and connected I am at home just as when I worry or am consumed by anything to do with the family (pets included) will affect how well I can focus or think at/about work.  I think this is part of the reality of life – the completely and utterly unbalanced part that we exist in most of the time.

Today, I introduce you to our newest baby because like all real deliveries, it does us women good to share our birth stories. It is part of transitioning and engaging with this new version of ourselves. Before April 8th, I was the founder of a social group and a successful freelancer. Now, I am that and a little bit more.