A New Nayaism and A Rant.

I call Noosh’s pacifier a Chupete (in Spanish). Al calls it a susette (in French) and Naya has called it a chupete or a sus indiscriminately, up until seven months ago when she started calling it a “button”.

We don’t know where she drew inspiration for that name, but the new name stuck. That is until recently when after a conversation with daddy about pacifiers our lovely little lady was inspired to rename my most hated of all things baby and started calling it a “buttonfier”.

Little side-rant: I loved that she took a pacifier when she was a couple of days old because I didn’t want her to suck her thumb. With conviction I went on and on about how you can always remove the pacifier but that you would be hard pressed to get away with removing your kids thumb.

I have never ever been more wrong in my life. THAT pacifier is harder to remove than if I tried to convince Naya that we were going to remove her finger.

Application of new-found wisdom on second child: Sienna sucks her thumb.

She has shot pacifiers out of her little mouth with such force that its actually stung when they’ve clocked me in the face, and now my tune has changed. I have no I-love-Pacifiers anthem….No more strong convictions.

Just a huge question mark over my head about what to do with a 2.5 year old that won’t let that little sucker go and a 10 month old who adorably sucks her thumb.

Wisdom welcome.


Swifer Baby

Sienna military crawls like a baby on a mission, and today I decided that instead of fretting over the haze of dog hair she was covered in, I should seize the moment.

It dawned on me when upon picking her up of the floor. There where four of Chloe’s white dog hairs stuck on the end of her little nose; securely held in place by that little piece of snot that never seems to go away.

Tomorrow, Sienna will wear a wonderful and wonderfully usefull outfit  fashioned out of swiffer sheets. I’ll let you know how it goes.