The laugh that healed the day.

Today’s post is an excerpt from a random and typical conversation that occurred this afternoon between a man and his wife. Specifically, my husband and his wife.

“Did you just- poo?”



“When I went to the bathroom a moment ago.”

“That fast?!” (really, he was incredulous)

“Yeah, I don’t sit and hang out. I go, I do and I carry on with my day. Frankly I have no idea what you do that you end up lost for hours in there.”

“Who cares what or how?!!  I don’t bother you about how long you take to do the things you do. Or why you repeatedly use my razors in the shower and then not bother to rinse the hair down the drain. ”

Here is where I thought it would go the ol’  don’t use my razors or I end up slashing my face bit. Instead, he continued like this:

“This morning, I climbed into the tub to be greeted by little hairs stuck around the edges because the water pooled thanks to your hair clogging the drain and left the little hairs from whatever you shaved stuck to the sides of the tub as it s-l-o-w-l-y drained.

But I didn’t care. I was too tired. And when as I showered I found myself standing in ankle deep water, watching the hair come away from the tub and float about I didn’t care.

And when those little hairs that are not mine started getting stuck to my own ankles, I didn’t ask “how” or “why” I simply couldn’t care. I shook my head and carried on, so honey, don’t care why I take the time I do, just shake your head and carry on.”

And in the midst of my cackles of laughter I stood up and he stood up and as we hugged and laughed and laughed the way you can only do with someone you are truly intimate with, all because right with the world.