Naya has been coughing up a lung for about a week and on Thursday, her pediatrician thought that this lung might have pneumonia and sent me  and little Noosh (Naya) to get a chest X-ray.

I’m nervous about getting radiated myself, so imagine my glee when I had to shove my teeny little two year old in front of that huge machine. Now imagine me standing there remembering that I am her MOMMY and that it is my JOB not to worry her and to make everything okay.

So I did. I made it fun and she started to pose in front of the camera and as I stood covered in a led vest beside my teeny-tiny looking curly haired little girl wearing a lead apron.  We looked steadily ahead, shone a brilliant smile and yelled “CHEESE!” for the camera.

I think that there are very few rules we need to follow in order to be great parents, and one of them is not making our kids worry because they see us worry. So the next time you have to go to the doctor, ask them to listen to your heart too and get excited! Say cheese at the X-ray, try to eat the tongue depressor to make your little one laugh and make animal noises as the doctor peers into their ears search of animals or enough ingredients to make a stew.

That’s a tip from me to you, it’ll make the necessary Dr.’s calls or rigmaroles that much more fun your little love bug.

By the way, the technicians will let you see the x-ray if they see you are trying to make it all good for your little ones, and we got to see Naya beautifully clean, pneumonia-free lungs!