Sienna the Lama

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 11.11.40 AMHer first tooth was knocked on our the playground when she face-planted off the monkey bars. She cried more about not finding it in the dirt than having lost it.  Afterall, proof of tooth=$$.

The gap in her mouth was proof enough, I said.

“So you’ll give me money anyway?”

“You mean the tooth fairy?”

“Mo-ooom, there is no tooth fairy, it’s you and daddy who give money. Actually, Naya gave me money last time and you didn’t”

“We gave Naya the money. But wait, what do you mean there is no tooth fairy?”

“You’re the “tooth fairy”, a tooth fairy isn’t real”

“But you say you’re a fairy and you change the weather”

“SHHHHH!!!! It’s a secret!”


May the magic live on in this human being, forever.

Since the time of that conversation a couple of months ago, Sienna has lost all front teeth.

All that tooth loosing has created pools of saliva in her mouth. She spits more than a baseball player. More than the bored kid on the street with his pants around his knees.

It goes into the sink but sometimes, it goes into her hair. Yeah. Yuck.

Or into her tea. Maybe worse than the hair.

We think she is part Lama.

We’ll keep you posted.


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