The Foundation

The foundation of all things seems to be rather important.

I dismissed this when I was  younger as unnecessarily time consuming. Now I see the significance of good foundation garments to suck in my stomach and lift my ass…help my thighs not go raw as they rub, rub, rub together beneath summer dresses.

I see it too in how my daughters engage the world; connecting with people and making choices: our raising them with confidence and esteem and a belief in their abilities to think and feel their way through anything – be it a playground spider or feisty friendships.

It’s evident in Tea as she learns to crawl and knee stand and I learn just how important it is that she crawl this way, not that way, and hold her knee stand for a count of 3. Because these important basics are the foundation of successful walking, running and jumping.

All of us use foundations, those intentionally formed and meant to aid us as we move through life and, hopefully, progress, and the ones unintentionally created when we weren’t looking or paying attention to how things in our lives were taking shape. All of them, intentional or not, affect the course and outcome that we build from that these initial foundations.

In my life now, with the murkiness of a genetic disorder nearly settled and a sense that our Tea lives somewhere along the Autism Spectrum, I have decided to turn my considerable love and passion and fiestiness toward getting money in the hands of parents for assessing and funding their children with Neurological Disorders.

Today, I took the first step in building The Foundation. So named because I can’t close in on a name and that should be no reason to wait to get started.

Today I called my accountant, David Epstein of Kader Epstein and took the fist step toward identifying what it is that I don’t know about starting a foundation.  I believe that in order to get to where you want to go, you have to take a moment to unearth whether there are things about what you want to do that you don’t know yet you don’t know. For instance. I didn’t know that The Foundation can be set up Federally and doesn’t have to necessarily be set up Provincially as well. But see, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Having never set up a foundation before, all I know is what I know I know. I can’t even fathom many of the things I will learn and come to know.

So here we are, on day ONE. The day when I acknowledge there is more that I don’t know than that I do know, and were I sit happily knowing that I’ll only get smarter about this from here on.

Today, I begin the task of  assembling a TRIBE OF ADVISORS. People who know things I do know know, people I do not yet know, and how to do things I can never hope to know but can engage them in doing on my behalf.

Because you know what I DO know? It’s this: I was brought up with an exceptional foundation and believe that as a nation we can mobilize funds into the hands of families to change their children’s lives.

Have advice? Consider it solicited.

And to Nat, my sister in law who said just do and the rest will follow, here we GO baby! I love you.




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