#1 Resource for Moms

I just wrote a lunatic sounding email of praise to Tanya T of MontrealMom.com for all the work that she does.

Seriously? Go make your life easier at www.montrealmom.com. The link will open up the site in a new window, finish this post and then click over and see for yourself that I know what I’m talking about.

Whether the motivation came from the sheer relief that her site afforded me, or the fact that I have been belaboring heading out the door to do this weeks groceries I have no idea, and really who cares?  I am so in love with her for making my task today so much easier that sharing it with you was a must.

Want to know what’s in the circulars to save you money? She’s got them posted. Want to know what’s on super sale at Costco? She’s got an ever current “Costco Watch” that I used to buy an office chair for $67.00 and a fabulous walking stroller for $34.00.

This week, her menu – week 1 – brought on such a rush of relief that I just about gave birth.  Right there, at my fingertips I found the solution to (a) what I need to buy at the market, and (b) what to serve for dinner each night for the rest of the week! The fact that I’m saving money by not standing in front of my open fridge wondering what to invent is a bonus.

MontrealMom covers everything: developmental stages, managing time, a directory of services and businesses, a calendar of activities, menus, party planning, recreation, it goes on and on. And each section has a subsection that is a treasure trove of useful information and links.

This time it was all about solving my what to get and what to make at the supermarket problem, so I want to go on about that.

Each week’s plan has not only the suggested meal item but also a link to the ingredients needed and the recipe. Healthful, delicious meals (not the stuff you just throw in the oven and hope for the best), variety, vegetarian options, whole foods, and flavours that will inspire your family’s tastebuds.

What I love and what I hate come straight from experience and I think that’s  in part why I am ever more awed and appreciative of what montrealmom.com does. It’s all you’ve ever wanted to know about motherhood…especially on those occasion when you think you don’t know what you’re doing, she’ll make it look like you do.

Straight from an empty stomach,


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