She’s the Girl.

A Girl.

Me, I was the girl.

I’ve been smiling since my friend introduced me that way. Actually, she is the mom of a friend of my daughters and until recently a parent at the same school as my girls. She is a warm, wonderful close acquaintance with whom I have friends in common but TODAY, when she introduced me as a girl, my heart catapulted her to the status of a really, really, really close almost friend whom I will spend a lot more time with and soon reintroduce to the world as my very friend G.

There is a purity to the word girl – an innocence and youth that I have to say actually breathed fresh air into my cobwebbed head. Dare I say that I actually feel younger and lighter now?

Really? Fuck being a woman. That’s been too hard for me to understand or define for years. I want to be a girl – a funny, clever, happy girl. And now because G introduced me as one I feel as though I have permission to live in lightness again.

I am a girl with kids, a business, a social group. I can be a girl with all the passion of my youth that for some reason I have not given myself permission to feel….well to be truly honest, passion that I have lost.

So hello you, allow me introduce myself. I am Ariana, the girl who writes, plans kids activities, wants to change the way parents are marketed to about all things kids and is setting out at 35 to release herself from womanhood and join the light-hearted wonderful girl she once was.


One Comment

  1. Love it Ari!!!! So true,When I think as myself as a woman it feels like I’m talking about somebody else, it just feels right to call ourselves girls, xoxo


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