Cows are not steaks, mom!

As long as its edible Sienna is happy.

She is young enough not to care about anything other than that she can eat it. All of it. An astounding amount of it for her size.

Noosh on the other hand is aware that food has a source: trees. The ground. The supermarket. She knows apples come from trees as do most other fruit and that strawberry’s come from small vines on the ground. She’s seen lettuce grow, zucchini blossoms blossom and broccoli surface. We’ve visited farms and learned about how crops grow.

She’s also seen live cows. live chickens. live fish. She’s eaten beef. chicken. fish. Apparently fake beef, chicken and fish because the real kind don’t turn into steak, roasted chicken, or seared salmon. Mom. Animals are animals. Not steak. We don’t eat them.

Until we’re 6 and our world collapses as we learn that cows are tender loin. Real chickens are the ones we de-feather and eat, and the fish that swim in the lake on vacation are the very same ones we cook over an open fire.

She’s right though, many do eat fake chicken. In the form of a McNugget.

Child of mine. Will it break your heart when you learn that before the steak was on your plate she was crammed in slot an industrial farm. Over fed. Over medicated. Then brutally butchered even by the norms of kosher laws for the “humane” treatment of animals?

Will you understand why mommy can’t put a morsel of flesh into her mouth anymore?

Whereas Sienna’s innocent “mmmm” as she chewed was so fitting it was stark. Ask her what a cow says and you’ll “mmmmm”.


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