Pennies for your thoughts

This morning was a stunningly sunny and mild morning in Montreal.

Al, Sienna and Naya drove me to a meeting before heading off to school and as I hurried into the building Al rolled down the window and called me back.

“Naya has something for you”

“Naya, really?”

I walked around the back of the car and got to her side as Al lowered the window and I beamed as her beautiful little face was revealed.

“Mommy, I have monies for you so you can buy yourself tea” and with that she gave me a handful of pennies and smiled.  I’ve just now come back together after having spent the day in a happy haze. It was the nicest, purest experience I’ve had of a child’s thoughtfulness since my nephew David offered me all his money when he was three after seeing his mom hand me a $20.00 for cab fare and assumed I was broke.

Today, Alby and I may have gotten a star for parenting and Noosh-noosh definitely made a deposit in the get out of jail free pass fund.


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