Is 3 yrs old too young for stand up comedy?

“Saiper AWAY Saiper!”

“Saiper, AWAY Saiper!”

“that’s that I said to the twee boys that took my ball, and I put my hand like that <gesturing of an open kiddie palm pushes up against my face> and then I told them don’t do that”

Uh, huh. I said nodding, trying to decode Naya’s three year old speak. Al looked on both humoured and perplexed by what our lovely little lady was trying to say about blocking friends at school from taking her ball.

“The boy’s name is Simon? Asked Al.

“No! I said back Saiper for him to go away!” Replied Noosh emphatically, and really, you could see her searching for how to say it so that we could understand her.

And then. Ureka. A marvelously hysterical moment materialized when I decifered that “Saiper” was “Swiper”

As in Dora The Explorer’s annoying little fox (or something) that always tries to swipe whatever Dora is trying to transport.

“Swiper, Back Swiper”. Naturally. If it works for Dora…

We laughed till we cried wonderful, delighted tears that reminded us yet again of the joy of how little minds associate and learn.

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