Nice-nice telesales

I was super nice to the nice man from India who called me today on behalf of Rogers to sell us a $9.99 blackberry.

I’m in the market for a blackberry. I think it will enhance my ability to post on the fly. To send stupid texts to friends who are too busy to send me stupid texts back but will do it anyway. And oh, right, to reply to the ever increasing  requests to join from businesses and mom’s that want to be part of Kidscentive (see

Plus, I have all the spare time I need to learn a new language: txt spk. What the *bleep*?!!! Is it a sign that I am old that I read all the newfangled acronyms as though I were dyslexic?

> side note: I had a friend in University who is dyslexic and he always did exceptionally well, he helped me understand what he sees and how he reads, and I have to say that I am ever more impressed with how successful he is.<

Okay, back to why I was nice.

I was nice because when he asked me whether I was interested in a regular cell phone or a blackerry, and I said blackberry, he answered, “oh that’s nice!”. And it made me smile wide and I thought that if he could make me smile today then he deserved to be treated super nicely.

That’s why I asked him questions, said yes a lot and then asked him call back at 6pm so he could talk to Al, the husband who makes all contract based decisions after researching them for eons.

What you need to know is that while I like to comparison shop, my threshold for retaining information is fairly low and when you add this to the fact that I’m one of those people who opens new things as I am leaving the store, you can understand that I would have signed up for the new phone right then and there. I had already started to fantasize…my fingers literally traveled across an imaginary mini keypad as he spoke.

I also said 6pm because that way, I can nail Al upstairs on a ‘personal’ call and recruit him to help me coral the girls for dinner instead of shouting down to the basement 6 times and getting all pissy….again. So really I was setting up the day for being nice to Al as well. Grin.




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