Funny thing about labia.

I was searching for blogs written by women and came across this one: Always Aroused Glirl.

Naturally, I clicked.

Who wouldn’t? It was 12:32 am. I should have been sleeping, instead I was youtubing TopChef and eating left overs because I can never watch that or Hells Kitchen without eating.

As I waited for it to paint up I thought I was would see a vagina staring me in the face, so I half turned my face and squinted as the screen loaded. Now understand, I am not adverse to seeing pussy, I just like to decide the context in which I happen upon one.

Finally the page opened up. The blog could not be found. Ah.

I admit to feeling relief and disappointment all at once. Funny how you can feel contradictory emotions at once. I think it must have been a blog with a HUGH labia as a header which is why it didn’t pop right open, no?



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