Love is in the air whenever there is snot in my hair

It used to take shiny hair, pretty make-up and flirty chatter to get a date.

Two kids, 7 years together and a start-up later, it takes unwashed hair twisted up into a bun and held in place with a 12 yr old scrunchy, dried baby snot on my cheek and a murderous gleam in my eye to let him know it’s time to let mommy out of the house.

Yesterday evening my husband took one look at me and begged Carol (fairy god mother extraordinaire) to stay with the girls so that we could have a date. I looked that hot. Not. The word we’re looking for here is desolate. I remember the days of showers and perfume, lotions and gloss, light pretty things that caught the eye of a man whose company I wanted to enjoy.

Now it’s the look of a woman on the verge of a meltdown that get’s me a night with my man. Which is much easier to accomplish, actually. Who has the time for the rest of it?

Amanda from Wee Wiggles asked about date night ideas. There were several good responses from other members, for instance: the fireworks on Saturday nights in Old Montreal, picnics, Lachine strolls, theme restaurants….but one of my personal favourite dates with Al that just popped into my mind is when we swung by Kam Shing for Chinese take-away, drove to the lookout on Mont Royal and ate in the car while looking out over the city that has stolen my heart and given me a life I cherish.

If love is in the air at your house, I’d love to hear all about it. Sometimes it’s too easy to forget.

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