Argh! The sound of children.

Nothing is more annoying when you are tremendously sleep deprived than the sound of children playing.

Sounds awful, I know. But it’s true. It grates on your nerves and you wish you could just tape their little mouths shut and put cotton on all their toys so that when they bang incessantly it has a soothingly muffled thump-thum-thump sound.

Every single sound, motion and whine is like explosives going off in my nervous system and all I want to do is hurl my husband out of bed and yell at him “YOU deal with your children!”. But he went to sleep late. Veeeeery late. And that means that his choices are now my responsibility because I feel badly about waking him up.

So instead I call all my friends and beg them to come over so that I can send all the little people downstairs to play on their own while I sit curled up on the couch with no make-up, PJ’s, and a mug of coffee (really melted sugar with hint of coffee) chattering back and forth with the best of company.

Anyone out there? Can you come over?

Feel better Nermeen, you abandoner! ;)

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