A boob above the rest

Yesterday I ordered Bring it Up on-line. They are sheer adhesives that lift your boobs up off your waist and stick them back on your chest. I don’t know whether they work or not, but I should receive them in 7-10 days and will let you know (I’m sure you’re all dying of anticipation).

Anyway, with boobs on my mind, I was thinking of two friends of mine who don’t have theirs. Hortensia died two years ago, and Juliette is going strong and is in remission with implants. The moms of two of my closest friends got breast cancer. One is still with us celebrating each day, sadly the other has passed.

So apart from spending my money on the cause of keeping my breasts above my belt, I am going to be spending my money on making sure that they stay healthy. And that yours stay healthy. And that if we get sick, we at least know that we are doing our part to learn as much as we can and get the best treatment possible.

I’m hosting a Pampered Chef  activity to help raise funds for a friend and fellow Wee Wiggler who is walking for the cure in Montreal. Through out the month of May, the Pampered Chef will give 25% of all profits raised at home parties.

25% towards healthy boobs for me and you.

So if you like boobs, if you like to eat, and want to enjoy a treat perhaps you’ll host a party of your own!

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