A new skin

I think Sienna is beginning to shed her babyness like a snake sheds it’s skin. It’s amazing to see – this little baby becoming a toddler two months shy of her first birthday.

Apart from the military crawl [further to my previous post: the swiffer sheets on the tummy do work because she doesn’t lift her stomach off the ground yet] that has her traveling all around the first floor of the house, she instigated a joke with Naya and I this afternoon.

She was sputtering and choking after swallowing too much water from a cup and when she saw my face, she faked more coughing – her eyes widening and sparking with glee each time I made a surprised mock concerned face. This made Naya laugh which further inspired Sienna and pretty soon both of them were giggling and fake coughing in order to illicit  silly faces from me.

I wonder, were did the past 10 months go? And if the rest of my life will gain speed as the past two years have….life really is shorter than I care to realize. So don’t wish for this time to pass. Don’t close your eyes until the scary parts are over. Don’t shy away from the challenge of parenting a toddler. Instead, own it. Cherish it and learn to marinate in the joy and the poop of it. It will have passed before you are ready to move on.


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