Hello? Hello?

This morning, all the good it did me that my husband woke with the girls washed away the moment I entered the kitchen and my 2 year yr. old blew me off.

Naya preferred to watch her kiddie show on-line than greet me good morning and that soured me right up. Instantly,all I wanted was to be alone. But I live in a house with a man, a dog, and two little girls with big personalities.

So I ran. Away. To the grocery store which as it happened was closed because its Easter even though I wanted to capture a moment on my own. [Not quite sure when this happened: me heading off to do a chore as a pleasant escape, but it did and I love it. The possibilities that come to mind when I see fresh produce inviting me to take them home and eat them up!]

Instead, I ended up at Bulk Barn with a bag full of Belgian Chocolate chips and as I made my way in to the house I was relieved to hear the silence that accompanies babies napping. When my sleeping beauties awoke, I was like chocolate to them – they wanted me, reached for me, melted into me, their little bodies warm from sleep and pure sweet kisses like only babies give. Suddenly all was right with the world again, if only until tomorrow morning’s episode.



    1. Every time I have a moment to think in full sentences! I’m endeavoring to make it daily. Thanks for your comment Joker.


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