Today, I mourn

Sadly, I became worst mother of the year last night. I jumped in the shower to prep for a meeting, then jumped out and still wet flung Naya into the bath along with Sienna , scrubbed them both super fast and rinsed them in the same bathwater, and then scooped them both up and ran *naked* down the stairs with each toweled child in my arms in front of my big picture window to pull dinner out of the oven because it was burning.

Then I took the girls, the plate, and a Sippy cup in my mouth (lodged between me and Sienna’s head so it wouldn’t fall) and ran back up the stairs, plopped Naya back in the tub and still naked sat on the lid of the toilet to feed both of them meatballs because Naya refused to get out and I had to feed Sienna too.

Worse for the wear was Naya’s meatball which admittedly was dunked a couple of times in water that Noosh acknowledged had a bit of pee-pee in it.

Quickly, do you know how to calculate water to pee ratio’s in a bathtub? And if the meatball was dunked  twice, about how much diluted baby pee wuold be absorbed if the meatball had water-repelling fat in it?

Today I am mourning the loss of my status as a pretty good mom.

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