From the Mouth of Babes.

Every day I see Wee Wiggles’ membership grow and I am struck by the beauty of community building among complete strangers who aren’t really strangers at all. Motherhood seems to be as unifying an experience among women as any I’ve ever experienced.

Recently it has started to strike me, this nature of women to talk – the detail in which we mouth-off about what we like and don’t like. What works or doesn’t and what is a “good find” in the value:cost ratio.

Apart from the mouth of a hungry baby, a mother’s mouth when she’s stumbled on something marvelous and motherhood related is the largest mouth you’ll find.  And that expanse of advertising you simply can’t buy.

I’m one small example of this. I just may be the principal reason for the increase in the sale of the Premaxx Baby Sling.

Take the 500 moms who are members of Wee Wiggles and ask them what they find themselves doing most, and the ones who are marketing savy will tell you that they are in sales. They sell books, bottles, nursing bras, diapers, daycare and preschools. They market art classes, music classes, party centers and indoor playgrounds.

Scrap Canada411 and call your nearest mom instead. With nearly 90,000 new babies born each year in Quebec alone, that’s a whole lot of moms and a sizable sales force, ad campaign and PR strategy to tap into. If you’re paying attention.

Large retailers get this which is why they sponsor women oriented exhibitions, websites and directories. And with the preponderance of blogs and local moms groups, small retailers with limited and even non-existent budgets can too.

You’d be amazed at what a little giveaway can do to spread the word about a product or service, if you are a retailer reading this take away that you’d best make it a good one.


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