The Wrong Way to Enforce Nap Time.

Don’t ask why because I can’t remember the reason, but yesterday I fed Naya lunch at 3pm in the dark of her room while she was in bed ardently trying to negotiate her way out of a nap.

As a rule, meals are had at the table and naps are required, and yet on this day – ranked in the top 10 of my Really Bad Parenting Decisions – I was pigeon-holed into feeding my 3 yr old her lunch at 3pm, in the dark with me yelling “EAT IT!

How did we get to this? I said she HAD to nap, and she said she had to eat even though she refused to eat during lunch and then we had to sprint out the door because we had an activity.

So there I was, sitting on her 5 inch stool able to find her mouth only because it was darker than the the rest of her face when her mouth was open.

My friend Nancy pretty much makes all her decisions based on whether or not there is a full moon out.  I’m starting to think she’s on to something because whether or not the moon last night was full around earth, it certainly was in the universe orbiting Naya.

Skip to dinner when we managed to get her eat because of a candy bribe (who invented the rule that bribery=bad parenting? It’s desperate, sure, but bad?) and then onto the misery of bed-time.

Bed time consisted of my tripping and fuming up and down the stairs no less than 7 times between 7:30pm and 9:45pm whilst in the middle of a scrabble match (never a game at our house) between my husband, my mom and me.

Most of my interaction with Noosh (Naya)  is a blur, but I do recall that at some point during these marches into her room I basically told her she would have to poop in her bed because she wasn’t getting up again, that she wasn’t alone because all the 12 dolls in her bed, the two purses, 1 elephant and “Ernie can do it and so can I” book where all keeping her company, and that she had to go to sleep because it was mommy’s turn to have a time out.

I made every mistake I know to avoid. And I made them all in front of my mother, so naturally every bad decision I already knew I was making was confirmed by my mom. My mom has taken to watching parenting shows and transferring this new-found wisdom on a regular basis.  Though well meaning and often useful, I really don’t need a reminder about how I just may be getting shittier at this with each passing day.

Where was baby Sienna in all this? Asleep in her portable bassinet on the floor of my closet because my parents were in her room (it temporarily doubles as a guest room because it is the only one that has blinds) and I needed to put her in a dark room.  Usually she sleeps in a bassinet in the bathroom because the fan drowns out Naya’s impossibly enthusiastic and loud play.


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  1. Ariana, you’re way too hard on yourself…! Sounds like Naya is experimenting with boundaries… Just stick to your guns and keep being there for her. Screw what anyone else says… even if it’s your mom!


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