Sweet Suetables

Sweet Suitables

Sweet Suitables

Pretty much every mom I know loves to see her child’s name on things: pictures, cards, picture frames, albums, and not least of all: jewelery. Step in Suetables (www.suetables.com), a hand-stamped sterling silver jewelery company.

Suetables may have been around before Christy got involved but she’s the one making it sweet in Montreal.

I met Christy at a fundraiser for Missing Kids network and spent the entire evening running back and forth from her booth to the bathroom with such glee that I didn’t care that I missed the free cupcakes, prize raffle, or the opportunity to tell other moms about Wee Wiggles. I saw shine, I saw sparkle in bold, sophisticated styles. I saw my daughter’s names permanently stamped and worn on my body.

Oh, the bliss of it! And the hell of it. I couldn’t make a decision. Not just because I wanted one of everything she was showing, but because it seems that my two year old is now more decisive than I am.

I don’t know whether to attribute it to sleep deprivation, having too many things to keep track of (sleep schedules, poop schedules, snacks, changes of clothes, remembering to pee because my vijajay will hurt if I hold it in for 6 hours again…), or just plain age, but I can’t seem to make my mind up about anything lately.

All that aside, I bought a pendant for my newest, niftiest nephew Cyrus and I settled on one for myself with my girl’s initials. After some hemming and hawing it was clear I felt I’d made the wrong choice. Christy told me she’d take it back! Imagine!!!!! Now I am going back to see Christy having made the decision to splurge on sterling instead – what I come home with remains to be seen.

Christy, you made my night – not because your sterling is spirited, but because your attention to customer service is striking.


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