Big Bed Little Girl.

Naya is two today.

Shocking. Not that it happened, just how quickly it did.

We went out for dinner and she bossed us around, “eat this” she insists while putting a little hand over her own mouth. It brought to mind the nature vs. nurture debate which I think is no debate at all, ask any mother you know and she’ll tell you exactly what her kids are like and that she knew it from the moment she started interacting with them even inside the womb.

Which is why I knew that she would adapt well and quickly to sleeping in her crib-turned-toddler bed. We took the rails off yesterday so that she could play and get in and out of her bed on her own. Then didn’t put them back on. Instead, we put in the safety barrier so that she can’t accidentally roll off during sleep.

Yes, she’s fallen asleep sitting up twice already – but at least tonight it happend in a much shorter period of time. And we get to sneak kisses onto her forehead much more easily than having to hang over the grib to reach her.




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