Lubed and delighted!

It was as my hand slid off her head that I reached for the light with a grimace and knew I was an idiot.

You`d be amazed if you saw it, but it is true: my daughter`s dexterity and persistence has succeeded in picked locks at hotel mini-bar cabinets.  Which is why for the life of me I can`t grasp what came over me when I let her go to bed snuggling a large tub of vaseline.

It was late.

She was tired.

I was tired. I gave in when she refused to release the tub clutched in one hand and the baby-doll in the other. I expected she`d grumble a little about being left in bed because she could hear our voices in the living room but there wasn`t even a peep. For 45 minutes we met with our realtor until Naya started calling for me, really calling for me. I decided to check on her and without turning on the light I felt for her head to caress her back to sleep.

My year and a half old daughter had slimed her head, face, clothes, dolls, and crib with a full economy sized tub of vaseline.  Gobs and gobs of goo clumped to every strand on her head, in her ears, up one nostril and completely closing one eye (I think it being over her eye is the only reason she called me).

This child was delighted and I burst into laughter as she clapped and then patted her head sqealing happily.  Jump to 5 minutes later and she was all out of smiles, stuck in the bath for nearly an hour as I shampood her hair over and over again trying to get it out. It doesn`t come out. Not with shampoo.

Finally, with a marginally improved slick I eased her disgrunted self out of the tub into fresh PJ`s and tucked her off to bed with a towel under her head. This morning Al and I went to the net for tips on goop removal. Here is what I found out, may it help ease your effort the day that you or a sibling decides to enjoy some PG lube fun. 

 These tips are from

Apply a little cornstarch to the hair and carefully pat, (don’t rub), it into the hair.  The cornstarch will absorb some, if not all the Vaseline.  After you apply the cornstarch shampoo it out with a good clarifying shampoo.  Most if not all of the jelly should be removed with the first treatment.  If not, repeat until all the product is gone. Be sure to use warm to hot water for the shampoo.  Cold water makes the Vaseline worse.

If you are out of cornstarch you can try the baking soda/shampoo option.  Mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda and mix it with a regular baby shampoo.  Pat the mixture onto the hair while it is still dry.  Then add warm to hot water.   This should help.  Repeat until all the Vaseline is removed.

Keep in mind that after applying cornstarch, flour or baking soda, you hair may need some extra TLC and a good deep conditioning treatment.

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